Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lousy Cinema

Today I went to watch Harry Potter in the cinema with my friend, it was a nightmare to me, just wonder who will want to go to a cinema again if no improvement has been made, then don’t blame the consumer rather to buy the pirate DVD.

When the movie started, the screen was too dark to see the picture, you can see something moving, but not really know what had happened, it should be the contrast adjustment problem.

Nevertheless, the picture will just out of FOCUS, I mean blur while the movie was still playing, so someone had to adjust the projector to make it clear, then the screen was shaking, after the DISASTER, the picture get back to normal, then thing happened again, the DISASTER repeated.

This is not a joke, I mean the DISASTER not the worst part, half way of the movie, electricity supply shortage just happened, just like some one dropped by to say HI, we are blank for few minutes, till “the one” who just happened to say HI was left, the movie back on the screen, so marvelous.

(Fiction Picture)

However, your eyes were not the only victim in this cinema, some drilling noise will just added in like a choir or background music for the movie, its provided extra entertaining sound effect, should had gave then a big applause.

After went through all this DISASTER in the cinema, I got my neck aching and my eyes is so tired, I suppose a pirate DVD will have better quality.

Guess what? The cinema has been black listed by me, don’t ever think I will go again, unless they spend some money to upgrade their HARDWARE (facilities), they are so damn LOUSY.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas Song

Click HERE to watch!!!

Not quite familiar with the song, but the main singer which is Santa Claus and the bases where the deer singing along, cute and fun.

This is a flash greeting card but you can watch the flash without having anyone to send you the card, click on the link, sit back and have fun.

Its mentioned the original song is Green day, but the real singer remain unknown and I suppose Santa Claus won’t want anyone to know who sang the song for him, LOL.

However, you need to have a little bit patients to wait for the flash to load.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Violence shock!

Get involve with violence, who else isn’t? No matter you are Police, Army, Navy, Teacher or even Parent, you can name it, they have it.

Isn’t it sad? Yes, it is and now the cartoon is violence too.

I won’t say have fun, but you should watch this on your own risk, kind of freaking me out, a cartoon with fleshes and bloods, I got nightmare with it, thanks to my friend who passed it over to me.

However, I believe a lot of bloggers out there will enjoy the show, so click on the link and have “fun”, they called themselves Happy Tree Friends.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Early Christmas

Despite still a month to celebrate the Christmas, I had done the early decoration for the house, and having my early Christmas party due to I won’t be here during the festive season.

This year I have something more creative for the decoration, I included the “Christmas” theme Coca-cola can collections with the Christmas tree, having more lights and sphere shape of bulb balls.

Can’t wait to celebrate the colorful festive, what about your preparation for the Christmas? Tell me then.

However do you notice there is a Santa Claus in my blog Header? Ho ho ho......

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Indian Cuisine

Tandoori chicken is not a new name of food to Malaysian, as long as there is a 24-hour Indian-Muslim restaurant; you can get Tandoori chicken in the menu.

So lately I found the very good one here in Kedah, have been going 2 days continuously, and enjoying the “Red” drumstick on my hand. LOL

Okay, Tandoori chicken is actually an Indian version of barbecued chicken, its tenderized in a yogurt marinade, seasoned with ginger, garlic and a few spices, it gets its red color from saffron and red food color.

The traditional Indian clay oven is called the "Tandoor". A Tandoor is a clay pot usually sunken neck deep in the ground. Charcoal is put on the flat bottom of the pot.

The heat generated by the hot charcoal in and on the sides of the clay pot is used for cooking. Long iron rods, long enough to reach the bottom of the pot, are used in the cooking process.

It is probably the most versatile kitchen equipment in the Indian kitchen. Barbecues, breads, daal, gravies made in them acquire a unique taste, very different from the food cooked on the regular kitchen oven.

Sources courtesy of

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Anti Corruption

Most of my visitors come from Here, get Yours.

Although the Malaysian Police’s Image being tarnished with few incidents happened lately, but I saw the “light” today which is a very positive sign of improvement.

In fact the light that I saw today maybe disagree by a lot of Malaysians out there, but my point is, at least this is a starting point that better than nothing.

Okay, I went to the local police Raya (Muslim New Year) open house today and found out most of the police officers were wearing a TAG, sort like “I am anti corruption”.

A tag couldn't mean anything, but they are telling the nation that they are trying to CLEAN and CLEAR the “mess”, yet they are teaching and alerting the public, there is no way to corrupt!

I admire the spirit and attitude, and I am hoping with this starting point will really leading them to the bright future.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Blog for Friends

It is fun to see our own blog on the highest rank chart and the web-counter running fast, but there is something even more interesting in the blogging world, culture “exchange” plus new friends in the world.

There is no doubt part of my regular blog readers are from Neocounter, we met each other in the blogging world and now we are friend, so if I happen to go holiday in the future, will consider the country I have blogger friends, save cost for accommodation, LOL, I am sure Jalberto and Marco won’t mind, hahahaha.

However, friends and quality readers are the important “elixir” to make the blog life last longer, but the question is, where do you get them?

Traffic exchange will bring you visitors for sure, but they are not necessary a blogger or reader, they might click for “living”, so this is the reason I am still stick with some of the blog traffic exchange programs, because we are bloggers and we read blog. I don’t mind to spend my time on some blogs, they are interesting, and I found them through blog traffic exchange programs.

So much so with the big numbers of blog traffic exchange programs you can get in the blogging world, I am not going to tell which one I like the most, you figure it out yourself, because my standard of good service is not how fast they could get me visitors, but how many good blogs they have instead of a bunch of subjective politic blogs.

This is the reason I started to long for the “yet about to launch” blog traffic exchange program – Blogmad, wondering how many good blog will be showing there?

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Talk about Traffic

If you tend to boost up your Google Adsense page impressions, TS 25 and Traffic Pods will really help, but you need to work a little bit harder and read through the help menu before you get started.

Because TS 25 and Traffic Pods are so difference if compare to others traffic exchange program.

Personally I prefer TS 25, since its started to operate on year 2004, it members database are working very well, I mean you can get more unique visitors if you are fighting for the ranking.

However, this year new comer Traffic Pods (Brother Company to TS25 if I am not mistaken) has its own attraction, although it works a little slow if compare to TS 25, but it still a leading tool to depend on, perhaps you can use both.

There is no doubt that other traffic exchange programs will work too, but normally they give you the good respond when you first sign up, then after a while (maybe in week time or shorter), the traffic will slow down, I mean if you won’t upgrade to pay service. LOL

So far I have tested with TS 25 and Traffic Pods for more than 2 weeks, they practically bring me at least 200 unique visitors from all over the world, and if I work harder and upgrade to pay service, I think it will certainly getting more.

Anyway, TS 25 and Traffic Pods are the traffic “booster”, the traffic will only come when you really work it out, the content of our blog still the main attraction to the other bloggers.

Therefore, we need to have a good contents and a good traffic “booster”, you can’t success without either one, Hahaha

P/S: Tomorrow will discuss about quality blog’s reader from Blog only traffic exchange.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Countries in The World

Most of my visitors come from Here, get Yours.

How many countries are there in the world today?

I kept asking my friends lately, nobody can answer me. So I search the answer from Google, and surprisingly there is no accurate answer due to which country recognizes by what body.

Okay, The “body” that I mean is such like United Nations or United States' State Department.

By Most Accounts, like what mentioned, 193 seem to be the most “Correct Answer” or I should say mostly been mentioned.

There are 191 members of the United Nations, but The United States' State Department recognizes 192 independent countries around the world.

However, has Taiwan in list, so the answer is 193, and included East Timor, so the answer is 193 too.

So much so there is 193 countries in the world, I should assume that if its blogger who visited my blog are come from more than 100 countries, I should consider bloggers from half of the world been visited my blog.

I got 86 now, not too far to go, Waw! LOL......

Sources courtesy of and

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Over-Baked Pizza

Most of my visitors come from Traffic Pods and TS 25.

Once upon a time, a Princess invited all her beloved friends for dinner in a blue moon night, which she was going to give everybody a surprise by her home-made Pizza served for the dinner.

The Pizza looks just fine.

So the princess was happily singing her cooking song while she was baking the Pizza, after 15 minutes when the oven made the “DING” sound, princess was so excited and can’t wait to see her “works”.

Unfortunately things happened, just like the “unfortunate event”, its happened without any reason and still looked nothing wrong.

Princess stared at the Pizza, “nothing wrong” she said to herself, but why did she smell something disgusting.

Over baked look!

Unfortunately with an unfortunate event, all her beloved friends arrived just on time. All her friends asked the same question when they walked in the Palace, “what is that smell?”

Princess was so embarrassed, she had no choice but to admit there was something wrong with the Pizza, so all of her friend looked at the pizza but couldn’t find any problem until someone turn the pizza to the other side.

My God! Someone screamed loudly, the Pizza was over baked.

Here is my question, the Princess just made one mistake with the Pizza, she didn’t bake too long or too hot, the oven working just fine and the ingredients are perfect, so what is her mistake?

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dried Fish Fillet

Most of my visitors come from Here, get Yours.

Dried Fish Fillet is a kind of snack, do not be mistaken.

Since Omni wasn’t the only one who had “fainted”, few of my friends called to ask for it, now I am doing you bloggers a favor, have you watched the TV show “you asked for it” before? I am doing it now.

In Malaysia, we have 2 types of dried fish fillet, first is the Fish fillet for fish and chips, some RAW thing before cooking, no wonder a lot bloggers were shocked, LOL and the second one is a finished product (as shown in the picture).

The one that I bought is a BIG package, cost about RM 5.00 (USD 1.30), you can also get the small pack in the store, but the big pack is just enough for me and doggie, GOSH!

According to the label on the product, it is manufactured from fresh fish using sophisticated and hygienic technology under the strictest quality control.

It is rich in protein and minerals especially carbohydrate and calcium. It is tasty, nutritious, and easily digestible and contains all the natural goodness for the whole family.

they even won an award from the 22nd international award for foods and beverages.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Snack or Biscuit?

Most of my visitors come from Here, get Yours.

Personally I prefer snacks, tasty and munchy.

So don’t be surprise that I need to stock up my supply for snacks at least once a week and it would cost me around RM 50 (USD 15), and in my list chocolates is a must, followed by potato chips, dried fish fillet, peanuts, ice cream etc.

However, this week, my list will include something healthier i. e. biscuits.

Hwa Tai “U-Lite” crackers, a tasty 3 type flavoured-biscuit , containing cheese, butter and spices, I prefer the one with spices, it tasts like home-made potato chips, yet it is health food.

A pack of “U-Lite” cracker only cost RM 1.00 (USD 0.30), cheap and healthy, I hope it won’t make me put on weight! LOL

By the way, I searched the company in Google, and they have a nice website as well, go there and have a look.

Again, I do not get paid by mentioning it in my blog, Anyway, is there anyone out there who want to pay me? Hahahaha…

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Friday, November 18, 2005

What's A Shame

Most of my visitors come from Here, get Yours.

For nearly 2 years I have been driving my car, and I never realized that my car has a built in steering lock. The other day when I was trying to adjust my wheel after I turning off the ignition, to my suprise the steering locked itself.

Anyway I was excited to discover this lock, but it was when I came back to my car later that I had some problems.

I could not unlock the thing, I so panicked that I almost fainted.

However, in my darkest moment, a shinning star appeared, Fairuz who happen to pass by, I almost cried out to him, and he had no idea whether I should have the other key to unlock the steering.

Anyway, he suggested that I pull the steering aside a little, and only then managed to unlock the steering and started the car with the same key.

It worked at last, thanks to him, Thank God.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ad on The Moon

While I was surfing on the net today, I found this interesting way to advertise my website or blog.

So easy, just PUT my ad on the Moon.

The webmaster didn’t pay me a cent for its website mentioned in my blog, I just intend to share what I found, and perhaps we can think of something in similar way to make some dollars.

The total moon land of the moon they “Owned” cost about $2,778.90 ^O^, and the average cell price is $0.2779, Most expensive cell costs $0.5465.

I didn’t really read the rule or the P&S agreement, I just look at the moon and clicked on some of their “moon creatures (costumer)”, well anyone out their want to start an “Ad on the Sun”? LOL

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Eggs of The Day

My friend forwarded this to me through email, not sure where is the original source, so who happens to know the author of the WORK, please leave your comment here.

I like this picture so much, you can even put the script to the eggs, “Oh my God, he committed suicide”, “I don’t want to see” , “how could this happened” , “I am so sad” and etc.

Leave your caption of Mr. Egg here, to see who has the most creative idea.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Bridge has a Blog

I came across with this blog in one of my Chinese friend’s blog.

Interesting, the bridge has a blog, who else out there haven’t get yourself a blog? Better move faster now before a building, a car or even a grave will have a blog.

Penang Bridge was the 3rd longest bridge in the world back on 1985 or later, I am not sure what is the latest ranking now, as much as I am concern, would rather to know that how bad is the traffic jammed on the bridge nowadays.

But now it has a blog, attached with 4 snapshot cameras, you can update the traffic condition by surfing the net, then I suppose one of the camera has broke down, wondering where is the technician who suppose to fix it.

However, as long as I got other 3, before I go back to my hometown, I can check the traffic condition, thank GOD ^_^

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Do you EAT this?

If you are a regular bloggers who use to read my blog, you will surely remember me showing a Rat (cake) in here before, and a lot of bloggers were leaving their disgusting expression with the comment.

These are cakes for Halloween, I suppose.

Now I have something even worse, skeletons, zombie and cockroach, not sure what else I can find, but if you can’t stand the RAT (click here to read the previous posting), I suppose you won’t even touch this one.

a zombie

I know its just a cake, but who wants to eat a cake looking like this, just wondering......

a Cockroach for your birthday!

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

IM Protection

Do you know how to PROTECT your IM (instant messenger)?

My friend insisted I should have protected my IM before our conversation been “Seen”, it’s sounded so horrible, but even though you have a good “shield” for your IM, Hackers can still hack! So what’s the difference?

However, I never win my friend when it comes to “theory” argument, he said IM protection is exactly something I did for my car protection, sort like steering lock or gear lock, although you know that the thief can still steal your car, but you makes it more difficult to the thief, yet it takes too much time to unlock the locks that you had.

Do you know how to PROTECT your IM?

So, the Hackers can still hack, no argue. But its matter of time, no one will be interested to hack if you had all kind of protection program.

I kept silence after his LONG speech, didn’t even think about what he said, I just wondered and concerned, who will hack my IM? LOL

Anyway, since my friend had showed me the way, why shouldn’t I tell my bloggers, maybe you guys need it too.

Zone labs is a new name to me, they also have web-based antivirus or anti-spyware scan service, but their IM Secure is the one which caught my friend eyes. With the free version of IM Secure, you can keep your IM conversations private and protect vulnerable IM connections.

If you upgrade to IM secure Pro, then you can have message Encryption, Universal, Transparent Protection and ID Lock services.

It works with the IM you already use—AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, and even universal clients like Trillian. Once IMsecure Pro is installed, it protects your IM silently, without interaction.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cheat for the Game

I am not going to talk much about this, if you still cannot finish the GAME, here you are, I am doing you a favor by giving you the cheat.

Finish the Ver3

Finish the RPG

Finish the Cube

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Get Rid of The Spy

If you still remember that I was just introduced a nice anti-spyware named Pest Patrol few days back, here I am to talk about how to get rid of the spyware when Pest Patrol dectected it.

Since you need to pay to get rid of the spyware, but as I said on my last posting that you can DIY (do it yourself), lot of my friends called me to find the way of DIY.

Okay, before I get more calls or e-mails for this problem, I think its better for me to talk it here, and make sure everybody is clear!

However, you have to do this on your own risk, if you mistakely deleted a wrong registery key, your computer system might be effected, so think twice before you do it.

First, you should click on the “+” next to the list in the scan result, with this clicked its will show you the location of the WORM, just browse it manually and delete the WORM.

By the way, it is easy to do it if it is a file in any drive of your hard disk, but if it is a registery key, then you need to go to “start” menu, then click on “run” and input “regedit”.

A new dialog box will pop up, so find your registery key with the location that Pest Patrol show you. Its sound easy, but to some of friends, this is a big thing to do, good luck!!!

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hints of the Game

Left is Cube and right is Ver3.

Want to play GROW? Let me give you some hint.

So we started from the Cube, in this square block you should get HUMAN to work first, and then think about what would have the ground fills with life? I am telling you too much, just try it yourself, OK?

Final view of Cube.

Now we talk about the Ver3, this one is difference with Cube. In
Cube you just need to click on the “Goods” to play, but with Ver3 you need to drag the things to the logo on the red sphere.

The hint for Ver3 is everything started with the SUN, and the end will be the screen.

Final view of Ver3.

However, the RPG version seem more difficult to finish, therefore, I will talk more about it.

Started the game with the house, think about water, tree and palace to see which one should get first, then only considering the tower, rocks and the staircase which lead to underground, opppps did I forget to mention the treasure box? Hahaha......

So if you can’t finish it, no worry. Return to my blog tomorrow to find out the answer, hahaha...... then only you will come back for more!!!

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Time to Play

click on the red ball on top to play the GROW.

I found this Japanese based of Flash Games today, can’t help but just love it and crazy about it, the name of the side is Eyezmaze, lots of game to play with but strongly recommended the Grow.

The theory of “Grow” is something similar like the God created the world, what did you get first will lead you to the end? Have to think about it.

The Grow itself already got 3 levels, I managed to finish 3 of them, quite fun.

Anyway, I will talk more on the following posting tomorrow.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Green Green Grass of Home

My friend from Penang was visiting me during RAYA, she was looking forward to have a good time in somewhere like country side, she is tired with the busy city life, a lot of fresh air is needed.

Therefore, I suggested giving her a drive to the paddy field area, since its now just on time for the second planting season of the years, everywhere is just GREEN.

However, before I came to Kedah, I was kind of wonder how is the view could be in the song of “Green Green Grass of Home” by Tom Jones or “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver, how the country side should look like?

I suppose I got the answer here, my friend was so excited, we even stop in the middle of the paddy field, just to take some nice pictures, this is a heaven to her.

So instead of telling you how excited she was, the photo would be even better to show her happiness, although I didn’t get the permission from her, but I assumed that she doesn’t mind if I show the photo here. Hahaha…. Since she is so pretty!

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Spyware Everywhere

I thought my laptop is well-protected with the Anti-virus and Anti-spyware softwares that installed in my laptop, but apparently it isn’t strong and good enough until I found Pest Patrol.

You do not need to install Pest Patrol, and using Pest Patrol to scan your hard disk is free, but you have to subscribe (Pay) the service in order to get rid of the WORM that they found.

The result will list out the worms and the location.

However, with the result and the list of what they had found, we can delete it manually, unless you are not an advance user then you have to pay for the service.

So scan your computer and find out how many Worms you had, perhaps I think Pest Patrol should pay me for this posting. LOL

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

I am a tea drinker

Can’t remember where did I find this quiz, it was added in my favorite for quite some time, so today when I was trashing the “rubbish” in my computer, I decided to done it and get rid of the link, LOL….

I suppose I am allergy to Coffee, but the result of the quiz said “I must be a tea drinker”, well I kind of agree with it.

However, my dear bloggers can click here to have fun!!!

Check it out to see whether you should categorize in a coffee or tea drinker.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

This is CAKE

No offense, but who wants to eat a cake that looks like a RAT?

At least I don’t, although you can have rats as your meal in CHINA, but they cut them into slices and cook it like Malaysia style beef curry, you won’t even know if it is a rat unless someone tells you.

But take a look at this cake, it looks exactly like a RAT, who wants to eat this? I am curious to know.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

More food in Raya

This is only a part of the "FOOD" view!

Okay, I already updated a new banner, should have put the new slogan “New Journey with MORE FOOD”, but because I don’t like the way it looks, so I skipped the slogan.

However, I really have more food to show, especially I had invited to go Alina and Muna’s house for food in the Raya day last night, yummy yummy I was eating whole day.

Especially in Muna house, her husband told me that Kak Muna and her housemate been having a marathon of cooking since day before Raya, because she need to cook for a big ( I suppose HUGE) family and “hungry ghost” like me, hahaha.

white thing at the back is "Ketupat" and the tasty beef with coconut is “Serunding”(I hope I spelled it correctly).

By the way, I was eating a lots, can’t remember how many round I had gone through, still tempting for more, but because need to give way to the other guest, I had to stop and behave.

Kak Muna was so tension before this, she was so worried whether she can accomplished the mission, but she did and did it very well, I MISS the food so much, perhaps she should do another round of RAYA FEVER for me, LOL.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Kampung style

Today when I went to visit my friend for his Raya, I was experiencing something very difference when I was looking for my friend’s house if compare to city.

My friend is living in a typical fishing village, he doesn’t have a phone but he drew me a map on the other days when I saw him at his working place, but guess what, he can’t even drew it properly, I can’t even find his house.

So I have to walk and ask people around there, when I asked where is the house with number 23, the first thing they asked was which Village, I answered this is the place because my friend told me his house is somewhere around the bridge.

They had no idea with the number, but they asked me who was I looking for, I told them the name, they had no idea, and then asked me what does he work? I tell them the occupation, they got some hint, therefore asked whether he is driving a car, I said yes, guess what? They show me to the house that I am looking for.

Number has nothing to do in this village; perhaps you can’t find a number on their house-door, but the villagers knowing each other so well, although they not necessary know your name, but little hint of work and differences, they can know who you are looking for. :P

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Selamat Hari Raya

I think tomorrow will be the Hari Raya for my Muslim friends, so I went to the mall to buy some presents, because tomorrow I will need to visit lots of my Muslim friends, and showing them how generous I am, LOL.

The information acquired from stated:

The most significant celebration for Muslims, it signifies the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. The celebration is determined by sighting of the new moon on the day, before the next month on the Muslim calendar, Syawal. The words ‘Hari Raya’ mean 'day of celebration.'

Muslims starts the day by wearing new clothes and congregating in the mosques early in the morning to perform Hari Raya Puasa prayers followed by visiting the graves of the departed. The young will ask for forgiveness from their elders and have open house for relatives and friends to come to their house. Plenty of traditional Malay delicacies are served during this festive season. Houses are thoroughly cleaned and decorated, and lighting of oil lamps welcomes the angels which are believed to be visiting the earth during the seven days preceding the festival. The celebration lasts for a month but most of the celebration is concentrated in the first three days

Visiting Muslim homes on Hari Raya Puasa, you can expect to taste a wide variety of delicious spicy dishes. Some favorite dishes that can be found in Muslims homes on this special occasion are ketupat, lontong, nasi padang and beef rendang. The Muslims also give packets of money to kids when they go visiting. The packets are usually green in color and children often look forward to getting these money tokens on Hari Raya Puasa. Overall, Hari Raya Puasa is a joyous occasion for Muslims.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How Much Is My Blog Worth?

Mmmm, my blog isn’t that expensive, it’s only cost you $1129.08, but if it covert to my currency, it would be RM 4328.50, not so bad man, so anyone who interested to buy my blog, the market is opened now….. LOL

Have fun with How Much Is My Blog Worth? It has been told that the game is based on the Data from Technorati.

Don't forget to tell me how much are yours? See ya!

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