Friday, November 04, 2005

More food in Raya

This is only a part of the "FOOD" view!

Okay, I already updated a new banner, should have put the new slogan “New Journey with MORE FOOD”, but because I don’t like the way it looks, so I skipped the slogan.

However, I really have more food to show, especially I had invited to go Alina and Muna’s house for food in the Raya day last night, yummy yummy I was eating whole day.

Especially in Muna house, her husband told me that Kak Muna and her housemate been having a marathon of cooking since day before Raya, because she need to cook for a big ( I suppose HUGE) family and “hungry ghost” like me, hahaha.

white thing at the back is "Ketupat" and the tasty beef with coconut is “Serunding”(I hope I spelled it correctly).

By the way, I was eating a lots, can’t remember how many round I had gone through, still tempting for more, but because need to give way to the other guest, I had to stop and behave.

Kak Muna was so tension before this, she was so worried whether she can accomplished the mission, but she did and did it very well, I MISS the food so much, perhaps she should do another round of RAYA FEVER for me, LOL.

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