Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bite Me

Yummy colourful delicacies.

A lot of bloggers who love the food preview here, should come as often as you can, satisfaction guaranteed, LOL.

So the other days when I talked about my blog with one of my friend, he suggested I should changed my blog to a Food Blog instead of a New Journey, he even got me a name, he suggested “Bite Me”.

Mmmm, the name sound seducing, I doubt bloggers will like “Bite Me”, but I promised to mention it in my blog, just to open for discussion, any of you who like it please tell me, I will consider it.

Malaysia style salad? I think this can “Gado-gado”.

However, when I came across with the “Bite Me” term, the foods here in Malaysia really have that power, which make you so tempting just for a Bite.

The colour especially, any colour in a rainbow, you can get it from our food here, this is the reason I like teatime, colourful delicacies which can be sweet or savory that brings you joy, the best is after the hectic day or tight schedule.

Okay, I am going for some bites now, see you guy later……


At 10:14 AM, Anonymous mensa barbie said...

OMGD... I am moving to your area.. (^___^)

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