Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New Journey

This is a blog of the old blogger that just back on his blog journey.

For the beginning of the new journey, he promised his friend, Roberto to talk about his NeoCounter.

Just click on the flag, you can see the map.

What is NeoCounter? It is a great counter that can detect where are your visitors come from, and besides just showing the flag, they show you the map as well, so thoughtful.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing to gain from promoting NeoCounter, not even credits, hehehe but just want to share a good stuff they came out.

Drop by sometime to try the counter!

This is what NeoWorx said:

You thought you had seen all there was to see in matters of counters? Prepare to be impressed! NeoWORX proudly presents NeoCOUNTER, an innovative and unique web counter that displays on your website the number of online visitors by country. Ever wonder where 'on earth' your visitors come from? Do you want to wow your friends with a cool new tool on your blog? Do you need to show your clients or users how truly global your website is? Search no more! NeoCOUNTER will put your vistors in their country and your website... on the map! And the best part is that NeoCOUNTER is FREE!


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