Friday, October 21, 2005

Praying Part I

Joss sticks is a must when a prayer performing their praying.

Although I am Chinese, but I am not really understand the whole praying culture for the Chinese community, not only because there are too many deities, there are also too many forms of presenting their prayer.

So when I covered an opening of the new temple by the local assemblyman, I was confused if it should categorize the temple as Taoism, but I doubt it’s accurate.

Most the Chinese believe that deities like to eat fruits and Chicken.

What’s a shame, but I was not really bothered since I was not going to categorize the temple in my story. Then I was thinking of my blog, if I want to tell something about my own culture, I should find out the complete details.

However, there is too many praying activities in own community, so I decided not to talk thing too specifically, since it is too complicated, just let the picture tells the story, so now enjoy the VIEW.

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At 6:01 PM, Anonymous marco said...

lol... you always write about food... and I love it!! ;)


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At 6:04 AM, Anonymous mensa barbie said...

Yumm-yumm (^__^) Food for the spirit.
(Very good photo, too)

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