Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Kampung style

Today when I went to visit my friend for his Raya, I was experiencing something very difference when I was looking for my friend’s house if compare to city.

My friend is living in a typical fishing village, he doesn’t have a phone but he drew me a map on the other days when I saw him at his working place, but guess what, he can’t even drew it properly, I can’t even find his house.

So I have to walk and ask people around there, when I asked where is the house with number 23, the first thing they asked was which Village, I answered this is the place because my friend told me his house is somewhere around the bridge.

They had no idea with the number, but they asked me who was I looking for, I told them the name, they had no idea, and then asked me what does he work? I tell them the occupation, they got some hint, therefore asked whether he is driving a car, I said yes, guess what? They show me to the house that I am looking for.

Number has nothing to do in this village; perhaps you can’t find a number on their house-door, but the villagers knowing each other so well, although they not necessary know your name, but little hint of work and differences, they can know who you are looking for. :P

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