Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas Song

Click HERE to watch!!!

Not quite familiar with the song, but the main singer which is Santa Claus and the bases where the deer singing along, cute and fun.

This is a flash greeting card but you can watch the flash without having anyone to send you the card, click on the link, sit back and have fun.

Its mentioned the original song is Green day, but the real singer remain unknown and I suppose Santa Claus won’t want anyone to know who sang the song for him, LOL.

However, you need to have a little bit patients to wait for the flash to load.

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At 8:45 PM, Anonymous marco said...

hehhee... great!


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At 12:30 AM, Anonymous canony said...

oh deer~ hahaha... that just make me LOL!!!

deer deer deer, oh my dear~!


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