Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Countries in The World

Most of my visitors come from Here, get Yours.

How many countries are there in the world today?

I kept asking my friends lately, nobody can answer me. So I search the answer from Google, and surprisingly there is no accurate answer due to which country recognizes by what body.

Okay, The “body” that I mean is such like United Nations or United States' State Department.

By Most Accounts, like what About.com mentioned, 193 seem to be the most “Correct Answer” or I should say mostly been mentioned.

There are 191 members of the United Nations, but The United States' State Department recognizes 192 independent countries around the world.

However, about.com has Taiwan in list, so the answer is 193, and infoplease.com included East Timor, so the answer is 193 too.

So much so there is 193 countries in the world, I should assume that if its blogger who visited my blog are come from more than 100 countries, I should consider bloggers from half of the world been visited my blog.

I got 86 now, not too far to go, Waw! LOL......

Sources courtesy of About.com and Infoplease.com

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At 6:31 AM, Anonymous marco said...

193 seem only a few... curious and nice post ;)


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At 12:27 AM, Blogger New Journey said...

thanks marco, i got 88 now.....

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