Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Bridge has a Blog

I came across with this blog in one of my Chinese friend’s blog.

Interesting, the bridge has a blog, who else out there haven’t get yourself a blog? Better move faster now before a building, a car or even a grave will have a blog.

Penang Bridge was the 3rd longest bridge in the world back on 1985 or later, I am not sure what is the latest ranking now, as much as I am concern, would rather to know that how bad is the traffic jammed on the bridge nowadays.

But now it has a blog, attached with 4 snapshot cameras, you can update the traffic condition by surfing the net, then I suppose one of the camera has broke down, wondering where is the technician who suppose to fix it.

However, as long as I got other 3, before I go back to my hometown, I can check the traffic condition, thank GOD ^_^

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