Monday, November 21, 2005

Over-Baked Pizza

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Once upon a time, a Princess invited all her beloved friends for dinner in a blue moon night, which she was going to give everybody a surprise by her home-made Pizza served for the dinner.

The Pizza looks just fine.

So the princess was happily singing her cooking song while she was baking the Pizza, after 15 minutes when the oven made the “DING” sound, princess was so excited and can’t wait to see her “works”.

Unfortunately things happened, just like the “unfortunate event”, its happened without any reason and still looked nothing wrong.

Princess stared at the Pizza, “nothing wrong” she said to herself, but why did she smell something disgusting.

Over baked look!

Unfortunately with an unfortunate event, all her beloved friends arrived just on time. All her friends asked the same question when they walked in the Palace, “what is that smell?”

Princess was so embarrassed, she had no choice but to admit there was something wrong with the Pizza, so all of her friend looked at the pizza but couldn’t find any problem until someone turn the pizza to the other side.

My God! Someone screamed loudly, the Pizza was over baked.

Here is my question, the Princess just made one mistake with the Pizza, she didn’t bake too long or too hot, the oven working just fine and the ingredients are perfect, so what is her mistake?

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At 12:34 AM, Anonymous jalberto said...

The pizza looks fine by one side, jejejejeje.
I click on your advertisment to help you to but another one, jejejeje. Ciao from Spain.


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At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About pizza
Please send me one part:)
BTW ts25 and TP waiting for payment and answer very long:(((

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