Thursday, November 24, 2005

Blog for Friends

It is fun to see our own blog on the highest rank chart and the web-counter running fast, but there is something even more interesting in the blogging world, culture “exchange” plus new friends in the world.

There is no doubt part of my regular blog readers are from Neocounter, we met each other in the blogging world and now we are friend, so if I happen to go holiday in the future, will consider the country I have blogger friends, save cost for accommodation, LOL, I am sure Jalberto and Marco won’t mind, hahahaha.

However, friends and quality readers are the important “elixir” to make the blog life last longer, but the question is, where do you get them?

Traffic exchange will bring you visitors for sure, but they are not necessary a blogger or reader, they might click for “living”, so this is the reason I am still stick with some of the blog traffic exchange programs, because we are bloggers and we read blog. I don’t mind to spend my time on some blogs, they are interesting, and I found them through blog traffic exchange programs.

So much so with the big numbers of blog traffic exchange programs you can get in the blogging world, I am not going to tell which one I like the most, you figure it out yourself, because my standard of good service is not how fast they could get me visitors, but how many good blogs they have instead of a bunch of subjective politic blogs.

This is the reason I started to long for the “yet about to launch” blog traffic exchange program – Blogmad, wondering how many good blog will be showing there?

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At 1:19 AM, Anonymous marco said...

I tryed Traffic Pods, and I dont really like it. The webs you must visit are not interestings in any way (or that was my experience).... I´ll check t25!


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At 1:20 AM, Anonymous marco said...

ah... by the way, you know you are allways welcome to Palma ;)

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At 1:22 AM, Blogger New Journey said...

Ts25 is similar like traffic pods, you can't read any quality blogs but in return with good number of traffics.

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At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Sally said...

I use find it to be a lot better than the other exchanges out there, they also have a fantastic community forum.

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