Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Talk about Traffic

If you tend to boost up your Google Adsense page impressions, TS 25 and Traffic Pods will really help, but you need to work a little bit harder and read through the help menu before you get started.

Because TS 25 and Traffic Pods are so difference if compare to others traffic exchange program.

Personally I prefer TS 25, since its started to operate on year 2004, it members database are working very well, I mean you can get more unique visitors if you are fighting for the ranking.

However, this year new comer Traffic Pods (Brother Company to TS25 if I am not mistaken) has its own attraction, although it works a little slow if compare to TS 25, but it still a leading tool to depend on, perhaps you can use both.

There is no doubt that other traffic exchange programs will work too, but normally they give you the good respond when you first sign up, then after a while (maybe in week time or shorter), the traffic will slow down, I mean if you won’t upgrade to pay service. LOL

So far I have tested with TS 25 and Traffic Pods for more than 2 weeks, they practically bring me at least 200 unique visitors from all over the world, and if I work harder and upgrade to pay service, I think it will certainly getting more.

Anyway, TS 25 and Traffic Pods are the traffic “booster”, the traffic will only come when you really work it out, the content of our blog still the main attraction to the other bloggers.

Therefore, we need to have a good contents and a good traffic “booster”, you can’t success without either one, Hahaha

P/S: Tomorrow will discuss about quality blog’s reader from Blog only traffic exchange.

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