Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lousy Cinema

Today I went to watch Harry Potter in the cinema with my friend, it was a nightmare to me, just wonder who will want to go to a cinema again if no improvement has been made, then don’t blame the consumer rather to buy the pirate DVD.

When the movie started, the screen was too dark to see the picture, you can see something moving, but not really know what had happened, it should be the contrast adjustment problem.

Nevertheless, the picture will just out of FOCUS, I mean blur while the movie was still playing, so someone had to adjust the projector to make it clear, then the screen was shaking, after the DISASTER, the picture get back to normal, then thing happened again, the DISASTER repeated.

This is not a joke, I mean the DISASTER not the worst part, half way of the movie, electricity supply shortage just happened, just like some one dropped by to say HI, we are blank for few minutes, till “the one” who just happened to say HI was left, the movie back on the screen, so marvelous.

(Fiction Picture)

However, your eyes were not the only victim in this cinema, some drilling noise will just added in like a choir or background music for the movie, its provided extra entertaining sound effect, should had gave then a big applause.

After went through all this DISASTER in the cinema, I got my neck aching and my eyes is so tired, I suppose a pirate DVD will have better quality.

Guess what? The cinema has been black listed by me, don’t ever think I will go again, unless they spend some money to upgrade their HARDWARE (facilities), they are so damn LOUSY.

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At 10:00 PM, Anonymous marco said...

Hello Gibson! that was a good horror movie ;)

By the way, ask google to not publish Public service Ads on your blog, you´ll not get any money from them...

Today, again you have this kind of ads... "Gulf Hurricane Relief" (Public Service Ads by google...)

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At 2:27 AM, Blogger Dr. Fil said...

I saw Goblet of Fire a week ago. It was a tragic experience. After so many months of not having been in a movie theatre, I suddenly remembered the reason. And I won't dare buy the pirate DVD either. I didn't like the movie. A monkey could have directed it better.

Dr. Fil

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At 5:57 PM, Blogger New Journey said...

Marco: thanks for your concerned, I contacted google already, they promised to firgue it out as soon as possible.

dr.Fil: I am not promoting pirate DVD, just rambling, hahahahaha

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At 12:28 AM, Anonymous canony said...

i went to penang to watch HP. but ended up full house, so i did not watch it. but given photography lessons to friends.

where was the cinema? and which? AS ah?

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At 1:16 AM, Blogger New Journey said...

alor star one

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At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

then i can only say sorry to u that ur place had such bad cinemas..

u can try the one in One Utama, new cinema, very nice...good system and great seats..
i rather go there than buying pirated cd..

don la support u know how hard those ppl work to produce a good movie or a cd?

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