Sunday, February 12, 2006

Love Entry

I suppose, we both are the perfect lover. Perhaps we are the perfect husband and wife.

We can’t remember the day for our first date, nor the first time when we hold each other hand. But we always know we love each other.

Despite you chose to follow your dream, and we are far apart, but our relationship never stops there but moving forward and understanding each other better. Because the distance we learn to tolerant, and also understand how much we mean to each other.

I am now waiting for you to come home, don’t be late.

Noted: today is the 15th day for the Chinese New Year, and its also known as Chinese Valentine.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Something Salty

Hi! I am back after a long break for the Chinese New Year. I had a wonderful time with family and friends and of course, lots of good things to eat.

However, sad to say I have put on more than a few pounds. Anyway, glad to be back and assuring you all of more goodies ahead.

To begin with, a surprise from me to you all bloggers, an interesting discovery from a restaurant, A DOLL OUT OF SALT. Don't be mistaken, it isn't something you would want to eat, it's purpose is mainly for decoration.

Usually, fruits or yam are used, but here is something new & weird. On the brighter side, it would save the chef time carving out cute stuff. All he got to do is to put salt colored with dye into a mold which is the placed in the microwave oven for about 2 minutes and out comes a cute decoration for a dish.

The idea of putting into the oven is to ensure it hardens and does not break easily.

For Chinese cuisine, the food served not only has to taste good, it also has to look and smell good. A good chef has to fulfill these 3 criteria in his cooking, color (i.e. aesthetic value), aroma (it has to smell good) and finally taste.

Here is an unorthodox method that is economic & non time consuming.

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