Thursday, January 26, 2006

Baked or Steamed

If you are in Kedah, I recommend baked food, original Thai recipe but home made in Malaysia, cheap, fresh and tasty, no complaints.

So every time when I have someone coming over to visit me from other state, I will absolutely bring them for a BAKED party.

Okay, let me explain a bit more, normally when you have baked fish or/and BBQ stuff in the restaurant, they will bake the food directly on the fire, but this specific restaurant will mix fresh seafood with marinated sauce and cover the food with aluminium foil.

Therefore, when they serve you the food, you will think they had steamed it instead of baking it, because the skin of the seafood, especially fish is so soft and edible, not like some places, where the skin of the fish would be hard and black.

The most important aspect is the price, affordable, 4 persons having a big fish,some squids, prawns and crabs, don’t be surprise to get back some change if you pay RM 100 (USD 26.30), the bill will be around RM 70 (USD 18.50).

My friend from KL screamed for her life and asked, ARE they serious?

She didn’t believe the price, so I told her, “Dear, this is Alor Star, a seafood heaven.”

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At 12:29 PM, Blogger Mel from B.U. said...

hey, can I have a plate? :D

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