Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pork in Soup

If you like pork, then don’t miss the Bak Ku Teh (mostly translated as Pork Rib Herbal Tea Soup) when you are visiting Malaysia or Singapore.

Bak Ku Teh is well known for heating up our body system but it is healthy food, especially when you need something to warm your stomach, Bak Ku Teh is always the BEST to fulfill your need.

However, the best of Bak Ku Teh is not found anywhere of Malaysia but central, where there is a place called Klang as quoted in the Bak Ku Teh history, they believed that Klang is the place where Bak Ku Teh has first been commercialized.

I won’t talk much about it, because I still cannot get good Bak Ku Teh in northern part of Malaysia, if you like to know more, you can go there to enjoy the Bak Ku Teh ^_^

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