Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Secret Recipe

Finally the Secret Recipe is opened in Alor Star at end of last year, Alina couldn’t wait and SMS-ed me to tell the good news while I was still in Rome, for my Christmas holidays.

Yes, we absolutely need a proper restaurant here, no offence but the food in Alor Star still SUCKs, I don’t want you to feel that I am complaining that the food here is bad, but just to tell you a horrible experience I had encountered.

I was having my Tomyam seafood in a Hotel restaurant, I thought that being hotel it won’t be that bad since they need to maintain a reputation, but I was so disappointed when the food was served.

Can you imagine that the food was stale and was smelling, so I had complained to the waiter and so they replaced the food, which was still bad.

Okay, that is not the last, I went to a cake house to have my banana chocolate cake, guess what? This was the first sour cake I had in my life, and when I complained to the waiter, they insisted that the cake was fresh.

However, there were too much bad experiences but I have no intention to spoil you bloggers' appetite, so forget about it.

If you wonder what is Secret Recipe, you can visit here to find out more.

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At 3:36 PM, Blogger 淑美 said...

Sour Banana Chocolate Cake! That's a new recipe! How come they don't have it here in KL! :P

sour?? Ewww! probably the bananas turned sour!

Lots of SR in KL!..And their cakes are fresh! probably u should move to KL... lol!

Cheese cake lover. :P

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