Saturday, January 07, 2006

Instant Life

Most of the imported instant noodles is RAMEN.

I got hooked onto instant noodles in my daily meal when I was working in Penang, can save more money and it is quite easy to cook.

However, I stop having instant noodle when I started to have hair-shedding problems, I was only early 20s.

I cooked a pack of RAMEN today, I added Pickled Lettuce and anchovies.

But now, I started all over again, because I found some nice imported instant noodle from Japan and Korea, the taste is Fucking Good, so I cannot resist the temptation, but I have to control myself not to eat too often.

A pack of this imported instant noodle is not cheap, it cost RM2.50 (USD 0.67) compared to the local product which only cost around RM0.40 (USD 0.11), so much of a difference but taste good, yummy ^_^

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