Friday, January 06, 2006

Double Protection

I was quite pissed off a few days ago when I could not log into my HSBC internet banking account, and the system froze my account after 3 attempts, I am sure that the password was correct, because I always noted down my password.

So I called the bank to unfreeze the account but they requested a Pin-Code, Damn it I have no idea about the pin or whatsoever, so they kindly asked me to apply for my pin in the nearest office.

Okay, their nearest office in my area needed a 45 minute drive.

However, I got myself a reason to go back to hometown and of course eat some good food and had a nice shopping after the Pin thing was done.

So I went back to Penang this afternoon, first thing I did was to rush to the bank, the staff of the bank were pretty and helpful, but I wondered why they ask me about the DEVICE.

Who in the hell knows about the device that I should have? I supposed the lady sensed I haven't a clue, so she started to explain the device and help me to register for the free device, of course she helped me to activate the thing and I was so happy but then that was 2 hours later.

Anyway, since the device is free and they made sure everything is done, 2 hours was worth it, what’s a consolation!

Okay, the DEVICE will generate a password when I push the button, so when logging into my account, instead of just keying in my user name and password, I need to key in the Device’s password too.

I am impress with their thoughtfulness in terms of online security, so I responded with a smile of satisfaction, then the lady reminded me with a serious tone but keep on a smiling face.

She said, “If you lose the device, we will charge RM50 for its replacement, and don’t keep playing with the button.”

You know what? I almost answered, “Yes Mum!” hahahaha

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