Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sauce for Dogs

When you need sauce to enhance the taste of your food, dogs have the same need, that’s why you can buy tasty sauce for your doggie, which will get your dogs happy to have their meal.

I heard about this sauce thing before, but was not really into it, considering the possibility to cause my dog to shed hair which is the main reason why I wasn't keen at all.

However, today when I went to the pet shop to stock up dog food just to make sure my doggie has enough food during the Chinese New Year, I was given a bottle of Sauce for Dogs for free.

It has a bacon flavor, I just need to mix 2 tablespoon of sauce with a cup of dog food, simply pour and stir.

I asked at least three times the shopkeeper to make sure my dog won’t have shedding problem with the sauce, I saw him kept nodding the head and said no problem, I agreed to give it a try.

I think my dog would love it, because she always like tasty food.

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