Friday, January 20, 2006

Fortune for North

Do you believe in Feng Shui? Well, I am not really into it, but there is no harm in believing.

I was covering news for a Feng Shui talk tonight, and the Master said 2006 is a good year for the Northern part, so if you look at the map, Russia is the luckiest one.

The Master said, Russia is expected to have a very good performance in terms of economics, and they are going to be the leading country in the year 2006, but the BAD star will fall into the west, so America and Europe are expected to be out of luck, and they will be in an unstable and worrying situation.

Well, the Russian-Ukrainian dispute over natural gas prices is a good example, this has put almost the whole Europe in a “powerless” circumstances, and now because of the Arctic cold, Russia expected to cut electricity exports to help domestic users fend off the cold, again this will put Europe in the darkness worrying.

US is also not looking good after al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden threatened new attacks on the United States yesterday, if the States doesn’t accept their offer, where the Americans would reject President George W. Bush's continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, President George W. Bush has rejected the PEACE offer with the reason that they do not negotiate with terrorists.

So Americans are expected to be living in an environment of tight-securities and every one has to live in the constant fear, don’t you think this is so scary.

Back to the Feng Shui issue, after I analyzed the latest incidents, we can see the prediction of Feng Shui is happening already, but if you think (like I do) the Master analyzed the world-relation before his predictions of the future with Feng Shui theory, I have no comment, LOL.

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Marina: always welcome

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