Friday, January 13, 2006

A Sign

an omen......Good or Bad?

Today when a friend who hadn’t contacted me for more than 8 years, all of a sudden JUMPED into my MSN messenger, what a surprise, the moment he said hi, my 8 feet tall newspaper fell down and broke my table.

Is it a bad sign or something else?

If it was a sign, then what is the hidden message? I know it was just a coincidence, but why has it to happen just at that moment.

However, it was quite strange that 2 of my “friends” who hadn’t send me a mail or even drop by line for more than 8 years, suddenly remembered they have a friend, and wanted to contact me.

They came in almost at the same time and brought back lot of memories. I suppose I am no longer a sunny boy they used to know, but there is one thing remain unchanged, I am still good to a friend.

They said they missed me a lot although they hadn't contacted me all this years, but they had me in their minds.

I think this is what we call friendship, no need to commit to anything, but when the right time comes, the reunion is always surprise to us.

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