Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Is the Worst Over?

The flood is coming to town.

How long does it have to FLOOD? Another day of flooding, what a boring topic.

There is no sign of water level receeding and it looks threatening, that at anytime it will flow into the town, the road outside my office was almost covered by the yellowish river water, yet it is forecasted to rain more this week.

Damn it, Can I managed to leave the town in time for my holidays? If due to the floods I am forced to stay put, who will pay for my thousands Ringgit lost in airfare?

My brunch,McDonald Grilled Chicken Foldover.

I sound sick, so I started to calm myself down and try to see things positively, just hoping everything will be alright and I don’t need to have only one meal a day, oh thanks to Alina and Fairuz for buying me a set of McDonald Grilled Chicken Foldover, that was my brunch for today.

Never miss to thank IZ Reloaded for mentioning me in his blog too, yeah I had been blogged, LOL.

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At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Helen said...

I hope you and yours survive without too much damage or heartache. And I wish you a Merry Christmas.

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At 7:57 PM, Anonymous marco said...

click! ;)

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At 9:03 PM, Anonymous canony said...

where you going?

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At 11:59 PM, Blogger New Journey said...

thanks Marco, and canony it is a secret

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At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Bernard said...

Hi there, my mum in Alor Setar told me d flood is gettin worse. Anyway I m goin back 2 AS 4 holiday, hope everythin is back 2 normal by then.

I miss Mee Abu :D

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At 12:44 AM, Blogger New Journey said...

bernard: I am flying off on saturday, hope you have fun in your hometown, btw your mee abu is safe from the flood!

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At 3:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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