Saturday, December 10, 2005


Thanks to *Lynne*, I got TAGGED on my birthday, fortunately she only TAGGED me for food, if she TAGs me for personal stupidity like what I got TAGGED in my Chinese blog, I will KILL her, LOL.

This MEME is all about 5 childhood memories of food, what did I like the most, need to figure it out.

1. Drumstick

You know what I mean, right? We can only have chicken’s drumstick for birthday back in 70s and 80s, we were too poor to have drumstick in a daily meal, only when you were celebrating something big, the whole family will look at you when you were enjoying your BIG MEAL.

Of course I don’t need to wait for BIG day to eat drumstick now, but because today is my birthday, so it brings me back to memory lane.

2. Fried Egg

Fried Egg is my all time favorite, I could finish the whole plate of rice just having it with a Fried Egg, and of course Soya sauce is a must.

3. Ice Cream

Who can resist Ice cream if you were a KID, I love Ice Cream, yummy!

4. Char Kuih Kak

In Singapore they translated as fried carrot cake (Chai Tao Kuih) but in Penang, we called it Char Kuih Kak, don’t get it wrong, they are not going to fried the “Carrot Cake”, just the ingredient for Char Kuih Kak is carrot. LOL

5. Soya Bean-curd

Soya Bean-curd or more Familiar they are called Tau Fa in Malay, the soft Bean-curd is eaten either with sugarcane-made sugar in white, or the coconut-made sugar in brown, I prefer the white one. ^_^

The instructions of this MEME
1) List down 5 childhood memories of food.
2) And in the tradition of this meme, list the 4 previous taggers before yourself and then your own name at no.5.
3) Tag 3 (or more) other bloggers to continue this meme.

Four previous taggers and myself:
1. Beer Brat, 2. Single Guy, 3. Burgwaki, 4. *Lynne*, 5. New Journey

Three bloggers that I'm tagging:
1) Handsome Marco, sorry guy, you are the best choice to me. ^o^
2) Masak-Masak, since you are the expert of food, I am sure you got plenty ideas.
3) Rambler, talk about your favorites, please!

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At 3:32 PM, Blogger Omni said...


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At 4:11 PM, Blogger Beer Brat said...

You have the same birthday as my friend.......Happy Birthday.

And those are some good food.

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At 5:04 AM, Blogger *lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

hey thanx for the prompt meme response!

but ....

I'm a GIRL, silly!!

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At 9:52 AM, Blogger New Journey said...

Thanks to omni and beer brat.

Lynne: mistake ammended!!! @_@

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At 6:03 PM, Blogger boo_licious said...

Happy Birthday. Thanks for tagging me NJ - so sweet of you. Unfortunately I have been tagged before and I have done this meme too.

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