Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Let It Be Fried

If you like crispy and fried food, Malaysia could be your heaven.

Perhaps I should say Kedah (northern state of Malaysia) would be your best choice, because you can get fried banana and fried potato almost in any area.

Convenient, cheap and fresh but very oily, if you do not worry about fever or pimples, then you can go ahead.

There are two types of Fried bananas you can get here, Higher or Lower grade, of course you have to pay more for the “Higher grade” where they deep-fry the whole banana with better grade “Flour”, which will cost you 30 cents (less than USD 0.10) for one.

However, most of my friends prefer the “low grade” fried banana, they will cut the banana into slices and deep-fry in oil, for only RM1.00 (USD0.30+-) you can get about 20 slices, my friend from Penang was surprisedly shock!

Come on, we are now in Kedah, LOL.

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At 9:19 AM, Blogger dchy said...

aiyo, non-stop introducing the yummy yummy food i already fainted in my office LOL :)

pisang goreng my favorite, mum dislike me to eat cos always get nose bleeding hahaha :)

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